ConnX expands customer service and development team

ConnX expands its customer service and development team with eyes on growth in the coming year. ConnX is delighted to announce two new colleagues have joined the team in 2022. Kieran Foot Kieran Foot joins as Senior Developer with a focus on moving our flagship product ConnX Stock to a cloud-based application. Kieran has a […]

Work In Progress Software – Power of Barcodes in WIP

Work In Progress and Job Tracking can help UK Manufacturing fight back in a tough operating climate. In the UK, the manufacturing industry supports approximately 2.5 million jobs. Despite misconceptions to the contrary, they offer salaries, on average, 12% higher than the rest of the economy. However, with raw material costs spiralling, increased wage bills and […]

Do you need a replacement for Sage 50 Manufacturing?

Do you need a replacement to Sage 50 Manufacturing? Talk to ConnX about how our modular solution could meet your business needs. Searching for a replacement for Sage 50 Manufacturing ? Sage announced back in 2020 that they intended to remove 1st and 2nd line support for their entire Sage 50 Manufacturing range. This includes: […]

Internal mail tracking software

Save time and money, and increase efficiency with Mailroom Internal mail tracking can prove almost impossible, especially in large organisations. When mail is lost “in the system” it can be a nightmare tracking it down. Then you have to organise its route to the recipient. The larger and more complex the organisation, the more time […]

Expanding horizons in Sage 50

Sage Stock Control Software – Learn more about how our unique “gap analysis” process harnesses the power of barcodes to build true stock management in Sage 50 There’s no getting away from it. Sage 50 is one of the most used software applications on Earth. Many a successful business relies on Sage to run their day […]