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Tamper evident security labels

Tamper evident security labels – protect your brand, and assist in loss prevention

Tamper Evident Security labels are a type of label designed to show tamper evidence. The standard options are either a voiding mark or pattern, or via a self destruct PVC material which is extremely difficult to remove. Tamper evident labels provide immediate evidence of tampering or unauthorised access. Ideal for use as tamper evident security seals, asset labels, warranty labels, health and safety instruction labels and much more.

Tamper evident labels, either as void labels, or self destruct labels are an effective visual security aid. Security labels also assist in loss prevention, brand protection and quality assurance, not to mention warranty protection.

Silver void labels, white void labels, red void labels and more are available in any size, shape or design.

We offer both plain and pre printed customised security labels, which can include unique serial numbers and barcodes. We offer free advice, free samples and no obligation quotations for any options you wish to consider.

Tamper Seal Stickers — Our tamper proof stickers are suitable for almost every need. With a powerful adhesive finish, our tamper proof seals work on most surfaces or areas. This ensures both a top quality finish and a long lasting solution to your tamper proof seal requirements.

Tamper Proof Seal Options

Permanent and removable adhesive
Lollipop and other special shapes
Face cuts to add extra protection
Clear seals and overlays
Silver, white and other material colours

Our expert team have over 20 years of labelling experience and can recommend the most appropriate tamper evident label for your needs.


Click contact us and let us know your preferred label size and design and we will put together artwork free of charge as part of your order. Or call 0845 649 2950 to discuss your requirements in more detail

tamper evident security labels
tamper evident security labels