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ConnX Stock
Improved Sage Stock Control for Sage 50 Accounts users

Sage Stock Control from ConnX – Integrate Barcode stock management to your Sage 50 Accounts.

Sage Stock Control – ConnX Stock is a modular expansion for Sage 50 Cloud. 

Add Sage Stock Control Barcode stock management and inventory control to your Sage 50 Accounts system.

The core package of ConnX Stock –  fully integrated Sage Stock Control Software for Sage 50 includes:

  • Barcode Goods Receipt and adjustments in
  • Barcode Goods Dispatch and adjustments out
  • Automated Invoice generation in Sage 50
  • Auto complete, or update Purchase orders and Sales orders in Sage 50
  • Option to authorise post backs to Sage at management level.
  • Barcode stock control
  • Barcode stock take and reconciliation
  • Record supplier / manufacturer barcodes against your products to save re-labelling goods
  • Built in barcode label design software
  • Returns and credit note processing
  • Quick and easy movements between locations
  • Stock viewer
  • Multi location stock management
  • Delivery note generation
  • Quarantine stock
  • Powerful, searchable transaction history function allowing you to export all data into Excel
  • Instant reports
  • Stock dashboard
  • User access configuration options
All the above included within the core software package as standard.

ConnX Stock is a simple and cost effective way to add Barcode Stock Control to Sage. Developed specifically with the needs (and budget!) of small to medium sized businesses in mind.

Its modular format allows you to build on the core Sage Stock Control module in comfortable stages building on extra modules when the time is right for your business.

Core module priced at £1695.00
Additional modules at £550.00

Additional costs for hardware, support and installation apply. A full pricelist will be supplied upon enquiry.

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ConnX Stock is constantly evolving as we listen to customer feedback and build on the features.

Discover our additional modules which can be added at any time

Sage stock control

Manufacturing Module

Pick components to build your job from its Bill of Materials.

Import Bill of Materials from Sage or Build and manage in ConnX Stock.

Duplicate and edit BOMs on the back office. Swap components on the fly on the handheld device if needed.

Manage BOMs with more than 50 components.

Quickly backflush components from stock and book in manufactured product.

Manage your stock levels throughout the manufacturing process.

View components allocated for work in progress, for accurate stock valuations.

Integrate courier to Sage

Courier Module

Export picked orders seamlessly to many courier applications.

Save time and reduce data re-entry.

Reduce risk of errors and automatically print courier labels.

Free integration to new courier systems as long as they can receive our data.

Pick up the latest address up date at the point of dispatch. No need to rely on out of date paperwork!

sage stock control

Counter Sales

A simple solution for Trade counter environments. 

Scan barcodes to build your order at the trade counter or order point.

Automatically create sales orders or invoices without additional data re-entry.

Pick up customer discounts from Sage or apply discounts at the till point

Post stock movements to Sage in real time and ensure stock levels are always perfectly accurate.

sage stock control

GS1 Barcode

Automatically extract product, batch and date information directly from scanning any GS128 / EAN 128 barcode.

Fast entry of batch information straight to your stock record.

Remove the need to re-label goods, and ensure complete traceability.

Back Orders Module

Link Sage Purchase orders to the sales orders they relate to.

Receive notification when goods are received to fulfil the linked back orders.

Ability to manage and allocate the Sales order directly in ConnX Stock without switching between programs.


Forecasting Module

Set minimum / maximum stock and re-order levels.

Traffic light system identifies under or over stocked items.

Calculates using historical sales data to predict required stock holding going forward.

Product Control Module

Full traceability of batch or serial controlled products.

Date control for best before or expiry dates.

First in First Out ( FIFO ) for date controlled products.

Full audit trial and historical records with powerful search function.

Scan a batch barcode, or automatically generate  a unique batch number, or use OCR to read from a label.

Serial and batch numbers can be bulk imported from a spreadsheet or recorded individually.


Remote Order Creation Module

Ability to create orders on a mobile device and automatically transmit to the back office.

Ideal as a simple mobile van sales solution or for raising orders for parts as part of a support service.

Perform stock look ups and check live stock levels.

Operates via mobile phone network for a fully mobile and real time solution.

Integration to Work In Progress

Integrate your Barcode Stock Control system to WIP-IT Work In Progress / Job Tracking solution.

See WIP-IT for more information.


not sure what you need?

If you are looking to track something through your business, whether it is a product being made, stock you are holding or assets that you own then ConnX Business Solutions can help. We offer both off the shelf and customisable software options to suit most budgets and applications.  Our team has extensive experience in automated tracking systems and we don’t charge for advice. Contact us to discuss your project further at no obligation.