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Internal parcel tracking

Mailroom is an internal parcel tracking system and Proof of Delivery (POD) software system, using PC based software and hand held data mobile devices, designed to enable you to track the movement of mail and packages between mail room and recipients within your organisation.

Internal parcel tracking software to track inbound parcels as they come in to your organisation and make their way to the recipient.
Internal parcel tracking
  • Easy recording of arriving and departing mail
  • Automatic email to recipient for incoming mail
  • Pigeon-hole Collections
  • Signature capture for Proof-of-Delivery (PoD)
  • Courier and Van deliveries
  • Web based parcel tracking and reporting
  • Mail trolley delivery and collection
  • Portable scanners
  • Fast return on investment

Who can use Mailroom?

Mailroom is an on-premise software solution which is totally secure behind your own firewalls. It can therefore be used by:

  • Banks, Building Societies
  • Companies with large sites with many buildings
  • NHS Trusts: doctors surgeries, ambulance stations, outlying departments
  • Universities: internal departments, student post tracking in halls of residence
  • Companies with single site with many floors and departments.
  • Carriers and courier companies

not sure what you need?

If you are looking to track something through your business, whether it is a product being made, stock you are holding or assets that you own then ConnX Business Solutions can help. We offer both off the shelf and customisable software options to suit most budgets and applications.  Our team has extensive experience in automated tracking systems and we don’t charge for advice. Contact us to discuss your project further at no obligation.