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Internal mail tracking software

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Internal mail tracking can prove almost impossible, especially in large organisations.

When mail is lost “in the system” it can be a nightmare tracking it down. Then you have to organise its route to the recipient.

The larger and more complex the organisation, the more time consuming and critical this can become. Consequently the more numerous and frustrating lost mail items can be.

That’s where internal mail tracking solutions come in.

Consider a busy hospital, with many departments. An internal parcel containing equipment needed urgently goes astray causing unnecessary delays and wasted resources.

With a barcode tracked internal mail solution there would be a record of the departing mail item. The potential recipient would be immediately aware that there was something on its way to them. Tracking at each stage allows for reliable and traceable delivery.  

Save both time and money!

ConnX Mailroom is an inbound parcel tracking system and Proof of Delivery (POD) software system, utilising barcodes to track post and parcels.

Using PC based software and handheld mobile scanning devices your organisation can track the movement of mail and packages between mail room and recipients within your building, or even over multiple sites.

At the end of the process receive that essential record of delivery at the end of the process via an emailed POD (proof of delivery).

Mailroom has been designed for any sized business, including large and complex multi-site operations, and is run as an on-premise software solution which is totally secure behind your own firewalls. Our Internal mail tracking software can therefore be used by any organisation using sensitive data. 

If a mail package is lost there is a complete audit trail of all movements of the item from the point it was booked in at the post-room so that it’s last known location can be traced.

ConnX has developed Mailroom by listening to customer needs, therefore they are a market leader in mobile data collection and track and trace systems.

The company has a customer base as far flung as Singapore and British Columbia and including many household names.

Specialising in parcel tracking, Warehouse management, Work-in-progress tracking and Stock Control systems the company has many years of experience of system implementation.

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Internal mail tracking software

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