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Expanding horizons in Sage 50

Sage Stock Control Software – Learn more about how our unique “gap analysis” process harnesses the power of barcodes to build true stock management in Sage 50

There’s no getting away from it. Sage 50 is one of the most used software applications on Earth. Many a successful business relies on Sage to run their day to day operation. Businesses from small scale manufacturers to multi million turnover operations have relied on Sage 50 to get them where they need to go!

But every product has it’s limitations right? Sage 50 is focused on Accounting at it’s core and it’s stock management function is fairly limited. That’s where ConnX Stock comes in. We add barcode stock control to Sage 50. We fill the gaps, and expand the functionality already within Sage.

Working seamlessly in real time ConnX Stock gives you barcode stock control. Scan barcodes and put away goods in multiple locations. Record batch, serial and expiry dates for your stock with our Product Control Module, and view at a glance what you are holding, where it has come from and where it has gone – Ultimate traceability at your finger tips in an easy to use, but powerful interface you can rely on.   

Yes there is Sage 200 as the next step and there is no doubting what a powerful application this can be. The jump is significant though. In terms of functionality, but also in price. Not to mention the implementation work required to get off the ground. ConnX Stock is not trying to reinvent Sage 50. We love Sage 50!

We just think there are some things it doesn’t manage as well or in the way our customers tell us they need it to for them to accurately manage their stock. 

Sage Stock Control can give you the power you need to ensure 100% accurate stock at all times. Reduce stock takes, and eliminate picking errors with ConnX Stock as a powerful expansion to Sage 50.

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Sage Stock Control