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Sage Barcode Stock Control - New features added

ConnX Stock provides Sage Barcode Stock Control as the ultimate game changer in inventory management, providing businesses with the power to take control of their stock levels and movements in a whole new way. With this integration, businesses can enjoy real-time visibility, accuracy and speed in managing their inventory. This technology utilizes Barcode scanning enabled mobile devices to easily track the flow of stock as it moves in and out of the warehouse or distribution centre. This system is ideal for businesses looking to scale up and increase productivity. With Sage Barcode Stock Control, businesses can reduce errors, make informed decisions and save valuable time. The integration provides a seamless and efficient solution to inventory management, which can have a significant impact on the bottom line of any business. With the confidence gained from implementing automated Barcode Stock Control, businesses can take on new challenges and achieve new heights of success.

If you are looking to enhance your Sage Barcode Stock Management then ConnX Stock could meet your needs.

ConnX Stock is a simple and cost effective way to add Barcode Stock Control to Sage. Developed specifically with the needs (and budget!) of small to medium sized businesses in mind.

Its modular format allows you to build on the core Sage Stock Control module in comfortable stages building on extra modules when the time is right for your business.

Latest features added:

Manage Returns and credit notes automatically:

Scan a barcode with the handheld device to receive returned goods. Make notes about the return if required.  View and manage Returns in the back office, and if necessary authorise a Credit note to be raised. Once completed the Credit note is raised in Sage automatically.

Scan and Count option

ConnX Stock can now be configured to allow you to scan every item on an order so the system “counts up” how many have been picked. The perfect way of ensuring correct quantities are shipped. Alternatively ConnX Stock can still be configured to allow a quantity to be entered manually rather than multiple scans if preferred.

Batch allocation

Allocate batches to an order on the back office. Ensuring that the correct batch is picked in the warehouse. Allows you to specify exactly what batch you wish to use to fulfil an order. Perfect if you need to match to previously issued samples for example.

Consolidated Picking

Pick goods to fulfil multiple orders at the same time. Reduces movements around the warehouse and saves a lot of time. The secondary packing process allows an additional check to ensure the correct goods are packed for each individual order.

Allocate to picker

Using the ConnX Stock Back office you can now allocate jobs to a specific picker or picking group. Perfect if you need certain jobs to be picked first, or want to allocate a set of jobs to one picker for ease of packing.

Print Sage Delivery Reports

You can now print Sage Delivery reports directly from ConnX Stock. Some customers have highly customised Sage reports and being able to print them from ConnX saves valuable time and removes unnecessary interactions with Sage.