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Coming Soon! ConnX Stock Expansion for Quickbooks

Integrated Inventory Management for Quickbooks Barcode Stock Control

Expand your horizons, and improve your Stock Management by harnessing the power of barcodes.

Quickbooks Barcode Stock Control – ConnX is expanding it’s flagship product ConnX Stock to meet the needs of Quickbooks accounts users.

Sage stock control
Quickbooks barcode stock control

ConnX Stock for Quickbooks will provide Quickbooks Barcode Stock Control to expand on the limited existing stock functions in Quickbooks.

Quickbooks Barcode Stock Control Our affordable and easy to implement integrated Stock Management software offers a way to expand your use of Quickbooks. Add Barcode Stock Control to your Quickbooks accounts setup.

Core module includes:

  • Barcode Goods receipt and dispatch
  • Fast, powerful and easy to use stock take function
  • Built in barcode label design software
  • Manage Stock in multiple locations

Barcode Stock Control for Quickbooks is made easy with ConnX Stock

Don’t change your processes, simply improve them! Our easy to implement barcode stock management software integrates directly with Quickbooks for seamless ease of use.

Ensure your stock figures remain accurate, actually reduce picking errors and even manage stock in multiple locations. Record multiple alternative barcodes against a product record for easy scanning of supplier codes to save re-labelling.

Choose software that grows with your Business

Our affordable Inventory Management solution for Quickbooks is modular in format allowing you to build on the core module in comfortable stages.

Add on extra modules when the time is right for your business, whilst implementing software now that will not only improve your internal visibility, but also provide improved customer service by allowing you to provide stock information that can be relied on.


Core module priced at £1695.00
Additional modules at £550.00

Subscription options available

Add the power of Barcode Stock Control to Quickbooks

Choose a simple to use, cost effective add on for Quickbooks to manage your stock better, ensure your stock records remain accurate and provide full traceability of all transactions and records.

Featured Modules for ConnX Stock's Quickbooks Barcode Stock Control

Product Control Module

Full traceability of batch or serial controlled products.

Date control for best before or expiry dates.

First in First Out ( FIFO ) for date controlled products.

Full audit trial and historical records with powerful search function.

Sage stock control

Manufacturing Module

Pick components to build your job from its Bill of Materials

Quickly backflush components from stock and book in manufactured product

Manage your stock levels throughout the manufacturing process

For additional planning resources see our Forecasting module

sage stock control

GS1 Barcode

Automatically extract product, batch and date information directly from scanning any GS128 / EAN 128 barcode.

Fast entry of batch information straight to your stock record.

Integrate courier to Sage

Courier Module

Export picked order seamlessly to many courier applications.

Save time and reduce data re-entry.

Reduce risk of errors and automatically print courier labels.

Free integration to new courier systems as long as they can receive our data.

Additional Modules available

sage stock control

Counter Sales

Scan barcodes to build your order at the trade counter or order point.

Create sales orders or invoices without additional data re-entry.

Post stock movements to Sage in real time and ensure stock levels are always perfectly accurate.

Mobile Sales Module

Create sales orders on the road and sell on the go!

Perform stock look ups.

Operates via mobile phone network for a fully mobile and real time solution.

Integration to Work In Progress

Integrate to WIP-IT Work In Progress / Job Tracking solution.

See WIP-IT for more information.



Forecasting Module

Set minimum / maximum stock and re-order levels.

Traffic light system identifies under or over stocked items.

Calculates using historical sales data to predict required stock holding going forward.

not sure what you need?

If you are looking to track something through your business, whether it is a product being made, stock you are holding or assets that you own then ConnX Business Solutions can help. We offer both off the shelf and customisable software options to suit most budgets and applications.  Our team has extensive experience in automated tracking systems and we don’t charge for advice. Contact us to discuss your project further at no obligation.